han 61 million peo

nd we▓ll has now started to pump water. Li Zhangcai, eng▓ineer of Yunnan Geological Survey & Design Insti▓tute, said, "We

located the position for the well on March 4th. The next day, all equipment had been ▓put in place. " Villager said, "I'm so happy to see the new water resource." The deep well is able t▓o provide drinking w

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ple. 18 million of

ater for 2,000 people and more than 33 hundred cattle. Bangzhai villagers in Guizhou provin▓c


e are facing the difficulty of accessing w▓ater as well. Villagers had to spend half a day climbing down the mountain to find wate▓r. After detecting it, the local government decided to build a water station for villagers. Local of▓ficial Ni Zhijun said, "The capacity of the impend▓ing reservoir is around 150 cubic mete▓rs which ca

n provide fresh water for resi▓dents and cattle and ensure some agric

rinking water. Droug

ultural irrigation." Since the village ▓is located in a mountain area, heav▓y machinery cannot


be used. Workers have to s▓et up all the equipment by hand. The total investment in the water station has reached 11 million yuan. On completion, it can ensure drinking water for 16,000 people and 1,200 cattle▓.  Heavy snow and strong winds in the northern pa▓rt of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region have c▓aused temperatures to plumme

t by 12 to 18 degrees Celsius.The snowstorm has resulted in highway di

ht control authorities and l

sruptions. In the eastern part, seven million cattle are affecte▓d by the severe weather. The


re's a shortfall of up to seven-hundred thousands tons of▓ cattle feed.Meanwhile, the first emergency cattle fee▓d from Gansu Province arrived in Xinji▓ang on Thursday morning. It will be distributed to the counties and cities of Altay Prefecture.Gansu plan▓s to provide a total of two thousands tons ▓of feed to Xinjiang.BEIJING, Jan. 15 (Xinhua) -- The Ministry of Agriculture on Friday said foot-and-mouth disease involving 28 cattle hit Korla city in nor▓thwestern China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The outbreak was first reported on Dec. 30, 2009 in Xiniga township and con▓firmed by the National Foot-and-Mouth Disease Reference La▓boratory on Tuesday. A total of 37 catt▓le were culled, including the 28 affected and those in the

same herding, said a statement from the Ministry. The disease was unde

oca▓l governments

r control▓ now, the statement said. Foot-and-mouth disease ▓is a highly contagious and sometim


es fatal epidemic that can affect cloven-hoofed animals including ▓cattle, pigs, sheep and goats. 銆€銆€BEIJING, Sep. 2▓1 (Xinhuanet) -- The township of Jinga in Gyantse County, Xigaze Prefecture, Tibet, is famous for dzo (offspring of a yak and domestic cattle) breeding, by which many families ▓have become better off. 銆€銆

€Reporters of Tibet Da▓ily recently made a special trip to Jinga to pro

e in t


be into the dzo breeding that has brought prosperity to local people. 銆€銆€Zhuoma, a cat▓tle breeder in Gyantse County, Xigaze Prefecture, Tibet, milks her cow, Feb. 13, 2006. (Xinhua File Photo)銆€銆€Duoji is a resident of Qiuduo ▓Village, Jinga Township. One of her cattle has just given birth to a calf. She told the reporters not to underestimate the value of this littl▓e thing, for after two months' feeding it can be sold for about 2,500 yuan RMB. 銆€銆€The history of dzo-breeding of Ji▓nga dates back to ancient times. The "dzo of Jinga" is famous in the whole Xigaze area for its strength and endurance. In rece▓nt years, the demand for dzo in other parts of Tibet has been increasing,▓ which in turn has raised the incomes of dzo-breeders of Ji▓nga. 銆€銆€Dawa Cering, head of Jinga Township, said that the output value of the township's dzo-breeding industry has been growing year by year. Last year, a ▓total of 298 dzos were sold, earning the local peopl▓e 521,500 yuan RMB. 銆€銆€Dayou, a major dzo raiser,▓ told the reporter, "I've never imagined that I can▓ make such a fortune by raising dzos". Now his ▓family can earn at least 20,000 yuan a year through dzo-raising. 銆€銆€Dawa Cering said th▓e township's

output value of dzo breeding

he province to

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benefit from

is expected to exceed one million yuan this year.  Population: 4.59 millionMajor area of distribu▓tion: Tibet, Qinghai, Sichuan, Gansu and YunnanLanguage: Ti

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